The joy in the change of seasons.

 I love fall, all the wonderful colors, the cooler weather, the time for homemade soups, bringing in all the garden vegetables, decorating, it just warms me up with excitement.  This weekend I decided to start my fall decorating on my front porch.  I found the sweetest sunflower and wooden pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. 
 I went out to the fence line and found some wonderful grapevines.  I put some hooks on the ceiling of the porch and hung the grapevines, orange and purple lights and some fall leaves.  When it gets closer to Halloween I will add other goodies. 
Have a terrific weekend, I will be back soon.



  1. Oh My Gosh Its beautiful I love the grapevines across the porch. Beautiful Nancy! Fall is my most favorite time of the year


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